Rant of the Day - Who died and made you the makeup god?!

Jul 7, 2010

I hate when I come across someone who thinks they can tell me how I should or shouldn't do my makeup.  I don't do that type of thing.  Now I may laugh at you if I think you look crazy but hell it's your face and who am I to tell you what to do....unless you ask me.

My most recent bitterness is over blush.  I hate when people tell me that since I have a round face, I should do that little side triangle blush thing where most of the color is concentrated on the outer cheek area.  Um, no thank you, I like my little chubby cheeks and I'll blush the apples of them if I want to.  So now!

Oh and some MUA that I know says that you shouldn't do a cat eye if you have wide set eyes.  I've been breaking this rule since day one so I guess you might as well throw me in makeup jail and throw away the key!  And btw, I've worked on some of her clients and they prefer the way I do my makeup...I'm just sayin!

There are several other examples that come to mind when I think of these makeup rules, but I say to hell with the rules!  Do what you want to do and what makes your feel great.  Live a little!

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