Nars Haul! I think I have a new obsession

Jul 3, 2010

Hello out there!  Is anyone listening?  I think I have a serious problem and I don't want help, which is a part of the problem.  This makeup addiction is becoming glamdiculous.

Okay so I don't know why I stopped at the mall.  I claimed it was to check on the In the Groove launch even though I know it is not out yet.  Somehow I didn't wind up in Macy's at the MAC counter, instead I headed over to JCPenney, a store in which I NEVER shop at.  However, there is a JCPenney's secret....shhhhh don't tell anyone but they house the best place ever also known as Sephora.  Okay, so it's not really a secret but a lot of people have no idea about this venture.  Side Note:  I also got my hair done early this morning...see pic below.

FYI/Disclaimer:  This is the fake smile that I often give to people when I don't want to be bothered but still want to be polite...sorry you guys have to suffer through this pic but I was so tired after driving all day that I got lazy and this is all I could muster up....and the lighting sucks!

Alright so back to the subject, I went to SiJCP and went a little Nars crazy.  I started with the shadows, I got Rated R, Kuala Lumpur, Burn it Blue and Galapagos.  Then I went to get a Sheer Matte Foundation because the Trinidad shade that I previously purchased is too dark.  The new shade I purchased is New Orleans.  The last thing I purchased was the Orgasm Illuminator.

You should probably know that this Nars obsession hit me out of nowhere.  I was sitting here last night looking at Nars' website and I said to myself "Self, why don't you own more Nars shadows?  They are freegin awesome..." and I replied to myself (in my head of course...I'm not entirely crazy!) "ummmm not sure, I need to get some soon" and so here we are....spending my In the Groove money on Nars!
These little black boxes give me chills!  Is that normal?  I get even more excited for the little blue boxes.

Clockwise starting from the far left:  Orgasm Illuminator, Rated R Eye Shadow, Kuala Lumpur Eye Shadow, Burn it Blue Eye Shadow, Sheer Matte Foundation in New Orleans, Galapagos Eye Shadow

 Close up picture of Rated R, Kuala Lumpur and Burn it Blue Eye Shadows

Hope you enjoyed checking out my haul!  Swatches will be posted tomorrow.  Until then, happy hauling from me to you!



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