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About Me:  The California girl living in VA.....
Hi!  I'm Sabrina but you can call me Sabs if you prefer.  I'm an Air Force wife, a mommy to two amazing cupcakes and I'm also a makeup artist with a degree in Economics (so random).  I love beauty, fashion and a really snatched brow!  I wish I could be one of those amazing DIYer mommies but I'm not quite there yet!

My Mission:
I'm here to make homies with like minded individuals!  I'm all for the reluctant soccer moms with kool-aid money and champagne dreams.  You know the ladies who love lipstick and shoes and are completely obsessed with their kids.  Yeah I'm that chick.  So please join me in my quest to share my love of life, my pursuit of happiness and my journey to finding the perfect matte lipstick.  You down?

My Purpose:
The reason that I put together this blog is because in my real life, I have a hard time finding hard core beauty addicts that have too many lipsticks, wear too much glitter and try to make healthy smoothies for their kids.  I wanted to have a place to talk lipstick but to also share my adventures in becoming a "soccer mom" and full time "military wife".

So now that the introduction is out of the way, break out your glitter, lipstick and kid friendly television shows and let's get down to having some fun....before the kids start asking me about dinner.

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