Rachel Roy Shoes - Fawn

Feb 26, 2013

Yes, there is still snow on the ground here in Germany but that doesn't mean I can't prep for some better weather moments.  I'm really hoping that I actually get to wear these in the next couple of months because I love them and I miss wearing sandals.  

Recently Piperlime had a 20% off sale (I think it was 20?) and I decided that these were must haves.  I love that they are so different and while I usually don't go for white shoes, the tan and black made up for it so I splurged! These shoes have a 4.5 inch heel with leather lining and leather outsole.  The upper is also leather.  I purchased a size 5 and they are slightly big (very slight) so I would recommend getting your exact size.

Style Purchased:  Fawn
Price:  $295 USD (I did use a coupon and checked out with ebates so I saved some money!)
Available at Piperlime
FYI: The ebates link is my referral link and I do get perks if you sign up so click if you want but don't feel obligated too.

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MAC Archie's Girls Collection

Feb 17, 2013

I know I'm a MAC addict and all but MAC has been putting out some really amazing collections lately and I have been totally impressed.  This Archie's Girl collection is so cute.  I picked up two lipsticks and a lipglass from the Veronica portion of the collection and I love them.  They are very "dupeable" (like other lipsticks I have or have tried) but I still think they are worth the buy.

MAC Archie's Girls Collection
Shade(s) Purchased:  Veronica Collection - Mall Madness Lipglass, Daddy's Little Girl Lipstick (satin finish) and Ronnie Red Lipstick (matte finish)
Price: $16.50 USD each
Available at MAC

The packaging is adorable.  I absolutely love it.  


 Sparkle and Shimmer!  Gotta Love it.


 Pink Perfection with a hint of purple.


One of the most beautiful and comfortable red lipsticks I own.  Love it.

My Everyday Simple Makeup Look

Feb 12, 2013

A couple of people have asked me to do my everyday makeup routine, so I thought I would oblige.  Let me know what you guys think!  

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Photo Shoot Fresh!

Feb 11, 2013

A few days ago, I had the amazing opportunity to do a photoshoot with an awesome photogapher here in Germany.  I was a little under the weather but there was no way I could cancel on this!  I took some Dayquil, grabbed my throat lozenges, my Zuca and I hurried out into the snow!  I'm planning on launching my online portfolio soon so I thought I would share some of the photos with you guys since the site isn't up yet.  Hope you like it!

I absolutely loved working with Maria and you can check out her photography page here.  Daniella (the first model shown) also has a photography business and takes amazing pictures.  Both of the models are absolutely gorgeous and I loved doing their makeup!  Maria also convinced me to step in front of the camera and here is a picture!

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MAC Pressed Pigment - Amethyst

Feb 9, 2013

This is going to be my last pressed pigment purchase for a while!  I think that I finally have all of the colors that I want and I'm a little on pressed pigment overload.  I picked this one up because I love purple eyeshadow in general and I really wanted to see how this one would translate by itself and over some of my deeper purple shades.  

MAC Pressed Pigment
Shade(s) Purchased:  Amethyst

Price: $21 USD
Available at MAC
Another gorgeous color!  Although it is a little icier (paler) than I expected it to be.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm off to go swatch my Archie Girls lipsticks.  Have an awesome day.

MAC Pressed Pigment - Blue Willow

Feb 5, 2013

This icy blue color is giving me my 80's life right now!  I'm so obsessed with this shade and cannot wait to create some looks with it.  I think this would be absolutely gorgeous on really fair skin ladies as well as darker skin.  It is just one of those colors that I normally wouldn't gravitate towards but for some reason I had to have it and am absolutely enamored by it.

MAC Pressed Pigment
Shades Purchased:  Blue Willow

Price: $21 USD
Available at MAC

It's like a silvery/icy blue slice of greatness.  Also, this is one of the smoother Pressed Pigments that I've tried.  I absolutely love this shade and I wish I purchased it sooner. 

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MAC Pressed Pigment - Spot Lit

Feb 4, 2013

Yes, I purchased another one and isn't she gorgeous.  I absolutely love her.  Now Day Gleam is still my favorite but since I dropped it, and shattered it into a billion glittery pieces, this is slowly taking her place. 

MAC Pressed Pigment
Shade Purchased:  Spot Lit
Price: $21 USD
Available at MAC

I do think this one is a little smoother than Day Gleam is and it is close enough in color that it gives a similar effect when applied.  I use all of my pressed pigments over other colors so I could have skipped this shade.   However, being the makeup hoarder that I am, I needed both! 

I have a couple other colors to show you guys in the next few days!  Stay Tuned for Blue Willow and Amethyst!

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