Graftobian Pro Haul

Nov 30, 2012

So I mentioned in my previous haul that I am stepping my kit game up.  With this step up, I decided to get new foundations.  I was debating between Eve Pearl, Graftobian and Bobbi Brown.  Graftobian won out because it had great reviews and was honestly the most cost effective.  I decided to get the Warm and Neutral Palettes because I thought it would be good for a majority of clients and I could always make it work by using powders to manipulate the color.

I've already used the warm palette a few times and I really love the finish.  I definitely think that I could have just purchased the Warm Palette and been fine since I'm just started to build a clientele.  

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Super Palette
Shades Purchased:  Warm - Graceful Swan, Ingenue, Vixen, Femme Fatale, Enchantress, Temptress, Sunlit Linen, Buttermilk, Deser Sand, Golden Sunset, Winter Wheat, Deep Xanthe, Midnight Marigold, Ginger, Burnt Amber, Pecan, Sienna, Caramel

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Super Palette
Shades Purchased:  Neutral - Bombshell, Prima Donna, Leading Lady, Sweet Heart, Glamour Girl, Cabaret Kitten, Broadway Star, Show Stopper, Screen Goddess, Diva, Chestnut, Warm Umber, Hazelnut, Hidden Magic, Nightfall, Olivia, Smoke, Soft Wisp

Price: $69.99 USD/per palette
Available at CameraReadyCosmetics

Highly recommend these palettes (well at least the warm one since I haven't tested out the cool yet!)

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MAC Pro Haul Video

Nov 29, 2012

Check out my Pro Haul video!  This is the haul that I posted about yesterday and I talk a little bit more about free-lancing!

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MAC Pro Haul 11.27.12

Nov 28, 2012

Hey guys!  So I've decided to pursue my passion and try to become a professional makeup artist.  I have dabbled in freelancing in the past but I've always had a main job that prevented me from really going for it full time and also my jobs paid the bills!  Well now that I'm in Germany and a stay-at-home mom, I have the opportunity to try it out.  The first thing on my agenda was to get a business license which I did.  The process was pretty simple, the only difficulty was the language barrier as I speak very little German and only some of the licensing office professionals speak English.  The next step I had to take was updating my kit.  Now this is possibly the most daunting task because although I've been pretty financially responsible, it is hard to invest money into something without the knowledge of how long it will take to make the money back and not knowing if your dream will succeed or fail. 

The first things I purchased were foundations which I will write about later.  The second thing I bought were some disposables and kit needs which I will also share later.  This is my latest haul and since it's the largest, I thought I would share this haul first.

Also, I know this may seem like a lot of product but I'm "investing" in my business and this is kind of the start-up costs.  I also have a MAC pro card so I received a discount on these items (like I mentioned prior, I free-lanced in the past which is how/why I have a pro card).  

I really wanted to use great setting powders so I decided to purchase my favorite ones which are MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals. These powders can also be used with damp for more coverage and I often use it that way for a foundation like finish.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
Shades Purchased: Light, Light Plus, Medium, Medium Plus, Medium Dark, Dark, Medium Deep and DarkDeep

Price: $29 USD/each
Available at MAC

The next thing I purchased were correctors.  I haven't tried MAC Correctors before but I wanted to give them a try so I purchased four colors that I thought would work in my kit.

MAC Studio Finish Skin Corrector
Shades Purchased: Light Peach, Pure Orange, Ochre, Burnt Coral

Price: $12 USD/each
Available at MAC


The next items I purchased were concealers.  I love MAC's Pro Longwear Concealers but I think that the studio finish concealers are more versatile and easier to control.   I'm a little upset that I purchased these as I hear MAC is releasing concealer mini palettes but I needed my concealers now so I'll deal!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer
Shades Purchased: NC15, NW30, NW15, NW40, NC45, NC30

Price: $18 USD/each
Available at MAC

Up next are Pigments.  I have so many bareMinerals loose eyeshadows that I didn't think I needed any more loose eyeshadows but I thought that I would give pigments a chance and get a few of them in the most popular colors.

MAC Pigment
Shades Purchased:  Naked, Naked Deep Dark & Tan

Price: $21 USD/each
Available at MAC

...and there is more.  I purchased two of the lip palettes.  I usually like to use lipsticks in the tube and just scrape off the amount needed for a client but that takes up space and I'm trying to be efficient and consolidate so I purchased the palettes.  I want to get two more but they are currently sold out.

MAC Pro Lip Palette
Shades Purchased:  Editorial Reds (Lady Danger, On Hold, Russian Red, MAC Red, Ruby Woo, Dare You) & Preferred Pinks (Pretty Please, Please Me, Lovelorn, Creme De La Femme, Show Orchid, Violetta)

Price: $40 USD/each

Available at MAC

I needed a line filler so I got one...yeah.

MAC Prep & Prime Line Filler
Shades Purchased: n/a

Price: $20 USD
Available at MAC

I also needed some brow pencils because after doing a trial I realized that I needed to step my game up when it comes to brow colors. 

MAC Eye Brows
Shades Purchased:  Spiked, Lingering, Strut, Brunette, Stud & Fling

Price: $15 USD/each
Available at MAC

I also purchased a Chromographic Pencil.

MAC Chromographic Pencil
Shades Purchased: NW25/NC30

Price: $15 USD/each
Available at MAC

The last (hooray) thing I purchased were eyeshadows.  

MAC Eye Shadow Pans
Shades Purchased: Samoa Silk, Brule, Carbon, Rule, Jest, Folie, Chrome Yellow

Price: $12 USD/each
Available at MAC

I also purchased the eyeshadow palettes to put the correctors and eyeshadows in.   The four pan palette is $9.  The large palette is $18 and the 15 pan insert is $9.  Again, I did use my pro discount for these items so I did not pay full price.  This purchase is for my professional makeup kit so that is why there is so much stuff! 

Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions!  

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Nov 16, 2012

Picture taken with iphone.

Eyebrows are probably the most important aspect of my makeup regime.  If my eyebrows are having an off day I immediately hate my entire makeup look.  I get a lot of compliments on my brows and I'm thankful because they have truly come a long way.  My natural brows are super sparse and gross but I fell in love with Make Up For Ever's Eye Brow Corrector (now discontinued...boooo) and I have been able to achieve the brows I always wanted. 

Do you have any favorite brow products that you are using?  Let me know so I can try them out!

MAC Holiday 2012 featuring the Glamour Daze Collection

Nov 5, 2012

Finally a collection that I can actually get products from without staying up all night and day!  I didn't get anything from the Marilyn Monroe collection that MAC recently released because it was all sold out but this time I lucked out.  I purchased two lipsticks, an eyeshadow and a blush.  

MAC Lipstick
Shade Purchased: Glamourdaze (Limited Edition)
Finish:  Cremesheen
Price: $16.50 USD
Available at MAC  

This is another pinky/brown color that I absolutely gravitate to.  I love this color.  I love the finish.  I love everything about this lipstick and it is definitely backup worthy!

MAC Lipstick
Shade Purchased: Outrageously Fun (Limited Edition)
Finish:  Cremesheen
Price: $16.50 USD
Available at MAC  

This is my typical pinky/purple lipcolor that I love.  This one really settled into the lines in my lips but I have really dry lips so I will definitely wear a balm underneath this one next time.  However, I love the color and I love that it's a little more subdued than my bright bright lipsticks that I wear! 

MAC Blush
Shade Purchased: Small Vanity (Limited Edition)
Finish:  Cremesheen
Price: $22.00 USD
Available at MAC 

Swatch taken with flash
This blush is not what I wished for.  I thought it would be a lot more pigmented and a nice neutral blush for me.  I think it may be too light but I haven't tried it on my cheeks yet so there is still a little hope.

MAC Eyeshadow
Shade Purchased: Tall, Dark & Handsome (Limited Edition)
Finish:  Extra Dimension
Price: $19.50 USD
Available at MAC 

What a gorgeous eyeshadow!  Love the texture and the color.  I forgot to take a picture of the swatch but it is gorg!

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