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Jul 10, 2010

Hi Loves,

I hope you all survived the Stereo Rose madness this week!  I promise you, a couple of months ago, I had no idea what an MSF was let alone that one could be as popular as this.  I am so happy to report that I was able to snag four!  I was so excited because the night before I went to the mall, I had the "it's not that big of a deal" talk with myself to prepare me for missing out on the product!  I am really a little nuts sometimes.  So any way, I called my favorite associate at Nordstrom on Tuesday and she totally kept her word and had 2 waiting for me when I got there.  Before I went to Nordie's though, I stopped off at MAC just to see if I could luck out and get an extra one to give away to one of you beautiful people.  
So here is my MAC story.  I don't know if the hilarity of the situation will translate via text but I will try!  So I walk into MAC all non-chalant as if I am just browsing (btw, I was at the mall at 9:30a and it doesn't open until 10a) and the associate walks up to me and asks me if I need some help and I'm looking at the products like ooooh what is this as if I hadn't been stalking the collection for DAYS.  I pick up Stereo Rose and say "oh this is pretty, do you have any of these" and she says "I only have 2 left" and I go "I'll take them both and this and this and this..." totally knowing all the names of the items and she just gives me a look like ummmmhmmmm.  But I am a little p.o.'d that she forgot to put Partylicious into my bag, but hey, you can't have it all right?!  Right after I snagged my two extra Stereo Roses girls started trickling in asking for it and it was sold out!  I feel a little bad but hey now I get to give 1...maybe 2 away!

So here is a breakdown of everything I hauled!
I hauled all four of the Mineralize Skinfinishes 

Stereo Rose - I really do like this one but it is not love at first site.  I think I'll have to date this one a bit to really find out what all the hype was about.  As stated before, I hauled four of these!

By Candlelight - Haven't had a chance to try this yet but I'll be sure to add it to one of next weeks Look of the Day posts!

Comfort - Haven't had a chance to try this one either but first impression is womp womp but we shall see!  I'll do a look with this one too.

Petticoat - She's so freakin pretty.  I love her and so I had to haul 2!  Is it wrong that I am more excited about this one than Stereo Rose?

I hauled 3 of the 5 Mineralize Blush Duos
Band of  Roses - So pretty, can you tell how much I love pink blush?  Can't wait to use this one!

A Little Bit of Sunshine - I love this one and have been using the right side as a subtle blush when I do my crazy eye shadow looks!

New Vibe - This one is like a marriage of the other two I got.  I get the gold/bronzy color and a bright blush color which I love.

I only hauled 2 of the 9 Mineralize Eye Shadow Trios which I am now regretting since they are so freakin pretty!

Love to Love - These are simply really gorgeous neutral colors.  You can expect to see a Look of the Day really soon using this one!

Style Influencer - I already did a look with this one.  I love it, love it, love it.  I got so many compliments today it was unreal!  The pigmentation is really awesome and the colors compliment each other really well.  Pretty Pretty Pretty!

***Side Note:  I only hauled If It's Pink Dazzleglass Creme from the Alice & Olivia for MAC collection.

I love the texture of this lip gloss and really which I had more but I wasn't feeling the other two colors.  Oh and I hate the packaging. so instead of changing the packaging, they just put this sleeve on it.  Really....

I love this collection and wanted to get so much more but I got caught up in the MSF madness!

Check out these collections at MAC if you want more info!  Also, don't forget to enter my Stereo Rose contest! 

Until next time, stay GLAM~

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