Everyday Makeup - Get that Glow Breakdown

Dec 20, 2014

This picture is the basic look that I do most days.  I have calmed down on my eyeshadow and liner lately in order to really focus on skin which I think is the most important thing in a makeup look.  Hope you like this look and let me know if you have any questions.

     MAC Studio Finish Corrector - Pure Orange
     Nars Sheer Glow - New Guinea mixed with MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NW45 and Lustre Drops - Barbados Girl
     MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW40
     MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Medium Deep
     Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder - 20 Stay Nutmeg
     Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer - Ebony 8
     Bobbi Brown Highlighter - Bronze Glow
     Nars Blush - Taos

     Too Faced Shadow Insurance
     Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Corrector - #4
     MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW40
     MAC Eyeshadow - Texture
     Wet N Wild Gel Eyeliner - Black
     Red Cherry - DW

     Nars Lipstick - Dolce Vita

Bridal Bliss with

Oct 30, 2014 recently contacted me with a great idea of pairing my makeup looks with some of their dresses and I was like HECK YEAH!  What is better than looking at wedding dresses, besides eating cake...nothing!. So I put on my Sex and the City movie and started obsessively looking at all of the wedding dresses on their site.  2 hours later, I realized that I wasn't actually getting married again and I needed to start working on look ideas.

Since I could not bring myself to narrow my search down to one dress I decided to create 3 different makeup looks.

Look 1:

Wedding Dresses
These two looks scream beachy, glowy, dewy skin to me.  Think Gisele B├╝ndchen or Nia Long.  I would pair the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation with their Illuminator to achieve the dewy skin.  You will also need bronzer for the face and a highlight for the cheekbone, nose and cupids bow, I typically use Guerlain and MAC for those categories.  A little bit of bronze eyeshadow and mascara (or some individual falsies) on the eyes and some sheer lip color on the lips complete this look.

Look 2:

Wedding Dresses

Everyone knows, or should know, that I  love a red lip.  I would definitely tap into my retro vibe with this look.   Think matte skin, defined brows, winged liner, and matte red lips.  I would also do Dita Von Teese hair but that's just me. 

Look 3:

Wedding Dresses
These two looks definitely make me want smokey eyes and pinky nude lips.  These looks are romantic and glamorous.  I chose the Nude'Tude Palette from theBalm because with this palette you can easily create a variety of smoky eye looks.  Pair this look with dramatic lashes, peachy/pinky cheeks and some "my lips but better" lip colors. 

Now that you have seen my makeup looks, run over to and obsess!  Also, in case you guys were curious about my own wedding, I did my hair and makeup, wore a glamorous mermaid style dress and had a ratchet reception!  Cheers!


bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipsticks - 4 Shades Swatched

Oct 6, 2014

Props to the bloggers with focus because ya girl is struggling over here!  I'm still trying to get it together for you guys and post more frequently in between unpacking, meal planning and laughing with my babies!  Recently, while on vacation in California, I visited San Francisco and met up with some old friends of mine and while I was there, I picked up some makeup of course.  I've been really wanting to try the new Marvelous Moxie lipstick line from bareMinerals and so I chose 4 shades to test out (well I actually had 5 but my little sister took one!)

The four shades that I decided on are as follows:

Lead The Way, Live It Up, Risk It All and Raise The Bar. 
Each shade retails for $18.00USD and are available at most Bare Escentuals retailers including the links provided below.
Bare Escentuals

Now all of these lipsticks glided on like butter and felt like silk on the lips.  You need to apply very little product to get great color on the lips and they lasted over 5 hours before I started to see any fading.  These lipsticks do transfer easily though so I had lipstick on every cup of coffee I have and of course all over my kids faces after cuddling with them.  I did like all of the shades but none stood out as a must have.  My favorite of the bunch was Risk It All simply because I love a good pink lip.

Overall, I really enjoyed this formula and I would definitely recommend these, just be careful not to over apply or you will have lipstick on everything! Also, these make great lipstains if you blot them lightly on the lips.

Lead the Way

Live It Up

Risk It All

Raise the Bar


The Mane Choice Hair Products

Sep 14, 2014

Why did I cut my hair?  Whyyyyyyyyyy?  Oh yeah I had a mullet and I have real friends who let me know that my mullet game was not cute!  So basically in order to preserve my sexy, I had to get rid of my little ponytail game and get a short bob.  Every few weeks I've also been cutting my ends in hopes that the crown of my hair will catch up to the rest of it.  I'm hecka frustrated now so I've started to get more serious about my hair regimen.

Because I've seen a lot of pictures and testimonials about the Mane Choice hair products, I purchased the vitamins, the straightening system and the deep conditioning treatment.  I'm currently on my second bottle of vitamins and I have noticed that my hair seems thicker so I'm hoping that if I stay on task and stick to my regimen, I can see some results asap.  I'll keep you guys updated!  Let's hope that I can get this hair grown out!

Products Purchased:
The Mane Choice Thermal Defense Silkening Collection (5 Steps)
Price: $72.95

Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask (Not Pictured because I left it in my shower)
Price: $17.99

Manetabolism™ Vitamins (4-Month Supply)
Price: $87.96


Vacation Makeup

Sep 9, 2014

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my mommy makeup travel stash.  I've been traveling with my children a lot lately so I decided to consolidate my travel case in order to make room in my bag for kindles, toys and snacks!

Face Products
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance
MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter - Peach Lustre
YSL Touch Eclat - #7
Make Up Forever HD Founation - 175  (My Nars was backordered)
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - NW30  (I mix this with my foundation for a highlight color sometimes)
MAC Lustre Drops - Barbados Girl
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Dark and Medium Deep
Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder - 20 Stay Nutmeg
MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette - Medium Deep

Cheek Products
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder - Ebony 8
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Comfort
Nars Blush - Taos

Eye Products
Make Up For Ever Eye Brow Corrector - #4
MAC Brow Pencil - Spiked
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW40
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Palette x4 - Self made
MAC Palette x4 - Rimal Dahabia
Wet N Wild Gel Eyeliner - Black
MAC Eye Kohl - Smolder

For lip products (not shown), I always bring a red, a pinky nude, a traditional nude and a bright pink shade. I also brought lots of lashes.

Some of the products may seem redundant but since I'm trying to shop my stash, I brought similar products in case I run out of something that way I don't have to spend money!


Foundation Chronicles with Nars Sheer Glow

Sep 6, 2014

Life!  This combo right here will give it to you.  I have a ton of different foundation shades, as I'm sure all makeup addicts do, but I always come back to my Nars.  Recently I've added the Clinique Stay Matte Powder to my mix and it has been absolutely amazing.  This is the only combo where I get complimented all the time and it looks like fresh, dewy, glowy skin.  I typically mix the shades New Guinea and Benares with my MAC lustre drops and then I set it very lightly with my Clinique Stay Matte powder.

Here is an unfiltered picture of me wearing the combo and it looks like skin and photographs beautifully.  Love. 


Sep 5, 2014

There is no excuse for me being a lazy a** blogger so I'm working on not being one anymore. Like for real I've hella missed blogging and talking makeup with you'll4! During the past several months I've been completely zoned out and focused on other aspects of my life and I'm trying daily to find a balance between doing what I love and hanging out with the people I love.  In order for that to happen though, I have to be myself and to have fun with this blogging thing. So now I'm going to tell you guys the truth about my absence and again, this is not an excuse, it just is what it is.

Top 5 reasons I've been MIA!

1.  It was hella aggravating moving.  Like a complete miserable experience except for the fact that I got to come back to America.
2.  My hair fell out and now I'm insecure about taking makeup pictures unless my hair is straight and I'm trying not to straighten my hair that often in hopes that this ish will grow!
3.  I'm trying to get to know Jesus in real life everyday so my husband and I are re-reading the Bible.
4.  My kids are hilarious and sometimes I just like rolling around on the floor with them. 
5.  I'm trying to actually decorate this new house instead of just chillin' like I've done in the other houses!

With that being said, now I need some inspiration and feedback!  What do you guys want to see from me?  Let me know in the comments section and yes, I will reply!  Also, since I've been gone from the blogging community for a while, if you have a blog or tumblr, leave it in the comments so I can check those out too.

And I'm out!

Instagram Look of the Day - #NoFilter vs #Filter

Jan 15, 2014

Just wanted to do a quick Instagram Look of the Day post.  I decided to do two pictures so that you guys can see what the unedited/unfiltered picture looks like versus the filtered version.  The picture on the left is unfiltered and the picture on the right has a Valencia filter.  Do you guys mind when makeup artist or makeup enthusiast filter or edit their pictures?  I personally only mind altered pictures when they are super photoshopped and blurry to the point where you can't even really see the makeup and it looks so unrealistic. 

Lipstick - Nars Dragon Girl with MACs RiriWoo
Necklace - Primark in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany
Earrings - House of Harlow 1960
Sweater - Skies Are Blue


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Swatch - Chocolate

I'm feverishly writing this post because my daughter is currently playing with her dolls but eyeballing me which means that I have about five minutes to get my thoughts out into the universe before I am summoned!

I was asked to do a brow swatch using the Dipbrow so I tried it out this morning.  In the picture above I have on the Chocolate shade which I think looks good but goes a little taupe/ashy on the tail of my brows (which are super sparse).  Now keep in mind that I have about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning so this was a rush job and I used too much product (which may account for the fading).

Also, even though I do like this product, I still prefer my Make Up For Ever Eye Brow Corrector because the ABH Dipbrow does fade.  This is a major thing for me since I no longer carry a makeup bag for touch-ups when I go out, therefore, I need all of my products to be locked in for at least 8-10 hours.

I'm going to keep trying the product though and I will try different techniques to see if I can get the product to last longer.

Let me know if you have tried this shade and what you think about it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - 3 Shades with Swatches

Jan 5, 2014

Now this is a beauty post for all of you brow addicts!  When I heard about the launch of these pomades, I immediately knew that I had to have them, so of course I ordered some for my kit and some for my personal use as well.  Today is the first day that I've actually had the time to check them out and they are amazing.  My Make Up For Ever Eye Brow Corrector is so hard to get and Sephora doesn't have all of the colors of the Aqua Brow either so this is a perfect substitute for me.

Shades Available:  Blonde, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown, Ebony
Shades Purchased:  Chocolate, Dark Brown & Ebony
Price: $18 USD
Available at Anastasia Beverly Hills

From LtoR:  Chocolate, Dark Brown, Ebony

This product is amazing, long-lasting and it has been waterproof and smudge-proof for me as well.  I've had the product on for about 5-6 hours and it has not budged.  Once it dries, it is on which is amazing for people like me who have super sparse brows.

UPDATE:  The product started to fade after 5-6 hours and was completely gone by the 7-8th hour.

From LtoR:  Chocolate, Dark Brown, Ebony
I used the shades Dark Brown and Ebony on myself and I preferred the Dark Brown shade.  However, I really want to try Chocolate out too.

If you would like to see the swatches on my brows, let me know and I will do a separate post on that.


Cooking: Tuna and Avocado Salad (Paleo)

Recipe from Cook Eat Paleo
This is not a food blog, I repeat this is not a food blog!  However, I'm one of those people that loves to eat.  I mean I really do love to eat and you can totally pay me in cookies and cakes if I had my choice (and no real bills!)
Since I really like unhealthy food the most, I've been trying to come up with, and find, healthier food options.  Now I am totally not eating super healthy but I'm taking baby steps and I really am liking some of the new foods I'm trying.

This recipe is super easy and only includes 6 items.  The link under the picture above will take you to the original recipe.  You will need an Avocado, Lemon Juice, Onion, Tuna, Sea Salt and Pepper.  The recipe called for wild tuna but I didn't have any so I just used the canned tuna we had on hand.  I also only had organic lemon juice so I substituted that for fresh lemon juice.

I made this for my husband and I but our 6 year old tried some and said he like it too.  This recipe will definitely be in heavy rotation and I can see it being especially good in the summer months when it's hot outside and you don't feel like making a fussy lunch.  

Kid tested.  Mommy and Kid approved!

E'TAE Natural Products - Carmelux Shampoo and Conditioner

Jan 4, 2014

So basically, as you probably already know, I'm a product junkie.  Yes, I admit it.  Either I'm buying products, trading products, hoarding products or inspiring gifts from friends and family.  I have so much hair and makeup stuff that goes untouched or unused so I'm trying to get through some products so that I can actually see if they work.  This is great for my blogging mojo as it gives me something to talk about besides the same old newness buys that I never touch because I'm always looking for the next thing.  Well now that I've gotten that randomness off of my chest, let me get to the point.  I recently received these two products from a friend and I have been using them for about 3 weeks now.  Three whole weeks!  YES!  Now since hair is so subjective and I am not an expert, I won't be doing a full on in-depth review on these products.  However, I will give you my honest opinion and tell you how they have been working for me personally.

E'TAE Natural Products
Carmelux - Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo
$19.99 USD - 12 oz.
Available at E'TAE
E'TAE Natural Products

Product Details from the company website:
- Made with milk and egg protein, flaxseed oil and ginger root.
- Provides nourishment, healing and moisture to the scalp and hair strands while cleansing.
- Sulfate-free
- Naturally silkens and softens the hair for long-lasting shine, volume and body.

My Thoughts:  I like this product a lot.  My hair felt really clean after using it, like squeaky clean.  It doesn't have sulfates, so I was missing my super lather moments (just being honest) but it seemed to remove all residue from my hair.  My hair did feel a bit dry after using it but that all went away when I put the Conditioner on.

Carmelux - Silk Protein Conditioner
$19.99 USD - 12 oz.
Available at E'TAE

Product Details from the company website:
- Enriched with lavender, bergamot and silk proteins. 
- Protects wet hair strands.
- Locks in moisture to maintain softness and shine.

MY THOUGHTS:  I love this conditioner.  It really does leave my hair feeling soft and shiny and even the coarser parts of my hair are very easy to comb through and detangle without ripping at my hair. 

Since I use both products together, I cannot speak to their performances individually but as a duo, they work really well on my hair and I will continue to use them until I run out.  I will definitely put these on the repurchase list as well.

Have you tried E'tae products?  If so, let me know your thoughts on them!


Natural Hair: Starting Over

Jan 3, 2014

My final hair cut - Straightened

I've cut my hair....again!  Well, this is actually my third cut in the last 5-6 months.  I kept trying to hang on to those last little strands of length so I kept letting my friend (who owns the salon I work in) cut it in stages.   This ladies and gentlemen is the final stage and I think this is a great starting off point to growing my hair out again.

My hair cut from the side/back

My goal is to grow my hair to bra strap length in the next year.  My hair grows pretty fast in the front and back but the crown seems to not wanna let me be great.  Also, because my hair is different textures (3b, 3c and 4a) it is really hard to manage at times but now I have a plan.

My plan is to stick to a hair care regimen, get my regular trims, take my vitamins and drink lots of water.  Now this may seem obvious to some of you but with two kids and a packed schedule, sometimes mama forgets to take care of herself.  I know some of you moms out there can relate.

Hopefully, I can get back on track and grow this hair because I miss my ponytail and my husband is not a fan of short hair.

Thanks again for stopping by and if you know any great products that I should try, let me know!  

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter

Jan 1, 2014

From LtoR:  Bright Forecast, Peach Lustre, Light Boost

Every once in a while I come across a product that makes me really excited about makeup again and this product is one of them.  I've been working on my skin a lot lately so my dryness has subsided quite a bit, however, when one issues goes I always manage to hone in on a new one.  My most recent concern has become my under eye circles and bags (which means I ran to the store and purchased an eye cream immediately).  Since I don't get as much sleep as I probably should, I have to use makeup to mask my weariness and the product that I can't seem to leave home without is my MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in the shade Peach Lustre.  I love this product so much that I not only purchased 3 of the shades for my makeup kit, I also have two back-ups of the Peach Lustre for myself.

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter
Shades Available:  Bright Forecast (light peach/orange), Light Boost (yellow), Peach Lustre (dark peach/orange) and Radiant Rose (light pink)
Price: $25 each
Available at MAC

From LtoR:  Bright Forecast, Peach Lustre, Light Boost

I use this product on myself as a corrector and it is great for getting rid of, or at least masking, those dark purplish circles underneath my eyes.  If you find that you want to highlight underneath the eyes but your yellow toned concealer keeps turning a greyish/ashy color on you this is probably an indication that you need to correct the darkness first and then highlight.  I can also get away with just putting on this product on dark spots of my face and them putting a little powder on top and it looks great.

I am absolutely a fan of this product and I highly recommend it!


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