Jun 19, 2010

This is my wth (what the hell) post of the week.  Now I don't know about you'll but I  feel like I am way to old to be a Twilight fan.  However, I cannot help myself, I am feeling the Edward Cullen.  I read all four books right before the first movie came out and OMG I felt like a teenager again.  I was smitten!  I stopped by the store today to pick up New Moon in order to gear myself up for next week.  I plan on driving two hours to go pick up my friend (another Twilight nerd) and we are going to see Eclipse.  I know I am doing way too much here but hey I can't help it.  We all have to have our vices right.  Mine are makeup and vampires, to name a few and hey I really can't help it!

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