Magazine Week!

Jun 14, 2010

Before I start let me just state that I use exclamation points entirely too much but I love them, so I'm not going to stop.  However, recognizing you have a problem is the first step!

This week I am really trying to get inspiration for creating different looks for my Look of the Day postings and also just to get more Haul ideas so I can spend more money on makeup!  Today's Mag of the Day is Glamour July 2010 issue.  I bought this about a week ago and  I am loving this issue because of the 500 buys under $50.  I mean really, what beauty/fashion girl could resist that?  But this post is about makeup of course so on to that.  The first thing is the Jessica Biel of it all.  She is looking very bombshell and is totally working that liner.  I love this look on her and she should look like this all the time in my humble opinion.  You can find more amazing photos of her inside the mag of course and my faves are on Pages 130 and 131.

I mean really check out the lashes..can my lashes hit my eyebrows please!  Her makeup was done by Kara Yoshimoto Bua but the mag doesn't give a list of the actual products just states that Bua used eyeliner, illuminator and nude lipstick.  I wish I knew all the details of the look so I could obsess over it even more.

My next inspiration came as soon as I opened the magazine.  There was an ad for Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, which claims to have 14 hour wear, flawless coverage and all day comfort.  Um, where do I sign up?  I promise you this weekend, you will be able to find me at the nearest Lancome counter.  I need to try this asap!  Oh why do I have to live in the middle of nowhere?

Arlenis Sosa is looking extra fierce by the way!  Love her.  Find this ad on Page 1.

Last but not least, my love for blue eyeliner and shadow is captured on page 156.  I love this look  Simple, Lovely, Captivating...I sound like a bad perfume commercial but whatever, that is how I see it!

Love Love Love and that is all.  Perfect beachy look!

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