A Great Foundation is All You Need!

Jun 21, 2010

Yesterday was father's day and I went to visit my daddy!  Of course he was happy to see me but he gave me the look...the I think you have on too much makeup look.  Okay so I had on like five eye shadows but hey I liked it and that is all that matters eh.  I wasn't fond of my eyebrows though as I have been trying to grow them out and am hating every moment of it!

Enough chit chat, now on to today's subject, foundation!  I hate trying to find the right foundation but I have come across some really great ones lately and my skin is happy happy happy.  My latest obsession is the MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation I love love love this foundation and it is actually my first liquid foundation ever.  I started out on my MAC Studio Fix which is still in my stash but I use it now to help set my liquid foundations.  I've tried the BE Original Foundation which I couldn't use a lot of because of the ashy tint...that is until they introduced the "golden" line which I liked but I loved the Matte Version of the foundation and used that for quite some time.  I wore the BE Matte Foundation when I went on my trip to Hawaii and I looked great, even after swimming with the dolphins!

After using BE for so long, I wanted to try out a different product and had been hearing a lot of raves on the MUFE HD foundation so I tried it and OMG!  Love Love Love.  The coverage is great, the color selection is awesome and it gives me that airbrushed look.  Who wouldn't love that?  So of course being the makeup junkie that I am, I couldn't stop with a product I love...instead I kept going.  I headed to Sephora and scooped up the NARS Sheer Matte Foundation and I love this one too but I got the wrong color so I mixed it with my MUFE and ommmmggggg.  Perfection!  I thought the MUFE couldn't get any better but hey I was wrong.  The NARS made the foundation super matte which I love and the color was pretty perfect.

Here is a list of the colors that I am using in each foundation:
MAC Studio Fix = NW45

MUFE Invisible Cover = 175

NARS = Trinidad

BE = Golden Dark

So tell me what foundation are you lovelies using?


  1. Wow, thanks for doing this post. Even though I have been using MAC Studio Fix (NW45 also) for a few years now, I have wanted to try other bands. I have oily skin so I have only wanted matte products. I can't wait to try these. I am new to your blog and really like it!

  2. Thanks so much Tonya! Really glad you liked this post. If you like a really Matte finish, you will probably love the Nars...just make sure you get the right color!



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