Rant of the Day! I know you see me.

Jun 23, 2010

Okay so I am a little disturbed as I just spent some more money on makeup that I am not that excited about but hey what can I do.  However, the thing that ticked me off the mostest (yes not a real word) was the customer service or lack thereof.  Seriously, if I am walking around for 20 minutes and can't even get a "hi" or "can I help you" or anything, something is truly wrong.  These chicks were just chit chatting amongst each other as if they are all on break.  I'm sorry but I am a paying customer and I could care less what new workout regime you are on.  I also could care less that you think your coworkers a** is too big.  Like seriously, what happened to good/great customer service?  Oh and then once someone finally acknowledged my presence, I ask her a question and she looks at me all bewildered and says to me "oh um I don't work in this brand".  Are you kidding me right now?  Why are you over here if you have no intention of really helping me?  The heat was enough to make me edgy but this right here put me over the edge.  I'm glad they don't make commission because otherwise I would have walked out with a sad face and no makeup in hand.  Freakin Meanie LOSERS!

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