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Jun 18, 2010

Whoa today has been rough!  Woke up with that uggh feeling but had to push through it.  I took a crazy long nap and when I rose from my slumber, I of course had to hit the web and do more of my daily makeup lusting.  I am seriously happy (sad for my wallet) that these makeup companies are killing it with these new collections!  I am one of those people that love when makeup is in a limited edition series or a collectible.  That is what keeps things exciting for me in my makeup journey.  First up on my radar right now is the Bare Escentuals Face Fashion kit.  I've been collecting those for the longest time and now the new one is on QVC!  Hauling that on Saturday.  Oh and Stila has this Travel Palette for $10 that is also on my radar and I am trying to decide what else to get because I don't want to pay shipping for just one little thing.  Now finally after all my ranting we can get to the look of the day!  A few weeks ago I wrote about my Sephora Haul and was supposed to review all my products that I bought but I have been buying so much makeup lately that honestly I forgot about it a little. However, Too Faced just release a new shadow palette and I want it badly so I made a deal with myself that I have to use the one I have and try the three recommended looks before I buy the new one. The one I currently have is the Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection.
The one I want is the Too Faced Naked Eye Soft and Sexy Collection.  I am not the natural look kinda girl as I prefer to be a little vamp but none the less I love these little collections.  By the way, I also have the Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette which I love.  I know I am still rambling but finally here is the product shot and the eye look is at the bottom of the post.  FYI:  I used the colors in the Day Section.
Surprisingly, I loved this look and my husband said it looked sexy!  Score 1 for the Natural Eye kit!

Here is a close up eye shot for you.  I plan on rocking this look a lot this summer and playing up the lips a little more than usual.

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