Rant of the Day: Someone please call UPS

Jun 8, 2010

Okay so I realize that I purchase entirely too much makeup and have over 20 items that I haven't even opened but none the less I want my stuff now!  I absolutely hate waiting on my purchases because I get myself all worked up in anticipation of an item.  I look at it online for days at a time.  I think to myself over and I need this...hmmm.  I finally get out the credit card and click pay now and guess what happens....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I am now poorer and have nothing to show for it.  Now I have to wait and wait and wait and the excitement is waining until finally the UPS man shows up but by now I have been back online and have fallen in love with something else!  Case in point Marine that I have received it, I can't stop looking at MUFE's Aqua Essentials Kit....arrgggh, the life of a beauty addict.

FINAL VERDICT:  Drive me to the mall husband!  Oh please and thank you.

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