NARS Taj Mahal

Aug 22, 2010

Hey guys!   I took my baby swimming today and now I'm exhausted but I said on twitter that I would post swatches of Taj Mahal as soon as possible so here it is!  I purchased the blush from NARS directly because I had three promo codes.  I had codes to receive a mini Orgasm Nail Polish, a mini Lip Gloss duo and a free shipping code.  I was like super score on this one.

Taj Mahal is beastie!  This blush is the glow in a box.  Since I've only tried this color on myself I can't say what it would look like on other skin tones but it gives me that dumb glow from within look that everyone is always talking about but I've never experienced until now.  Yeah I know that I'm putting a lot on this blush but it is that great in my opinion.  This blush is now in heavy rotation.   I will do a look with this one soon so that you can see if you like it as much as I do.

Taj Mahal, Striptease/Dolce Vita l/g. Orgasm Nail Polish
Taj Mahal, Striptease, Dolce Vita w/o flash
Taj Mahal, Striptease, Dolce Vita w/ flash
Taj Mahal in all her glory!

Hope you like this little haul.  Sorry it's a little rushed because of my extreme exhaustion.  I will definitely try out some looks this week so hopefully that will make up for this!

Love you all!

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