MAC Haul featuring Extra Dimensions, Tres Cheek, Reel Sexy

Apr 17, 2012

I'm wearing Glorify Skinfinish, Modern Mandarin blush and Heroine Lipstick
My most recent makeup haul included a few items from the MAC collection and I wanted to share my purchases with you guys.  Sorry this post is a little late but hopefully you can still find the items that you want.  I purchased Glorify Extra Dimension Skinfinish from the Extra Dimensions collection.  From the Tres Cheek collection, I purchased Modern Mandarin and from the Reel Sexy collection, I hauled the lipstick in Heroine. 

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish
Shade Purchased:  Glorify
Available at:  MAC
$29 USD

Loves:  The shimmer and sparkle.  The texture is divine and it blends easily.  
Hates:  Nothing for me but if you don't like a very noticeable highlight...this isn't for you.  

MAC Tres Cheek Blush
Shade Purchased:  Modern Mandarin
Available at:  MAC
$20 USD

Loves: it looks good in the pan.  Maybe it would look good on lighter skintones....
Hates:  I hated the way this looked on my skin.  It gave me nothing but a little ashy color and blended out to almost invisibility.  I should send it back or sell it.  I can't stand this shade and it's so disappointing because I was looking forward to it.

MAC Reel Sexy Collection Lipstick
Shade Purchased:  Heroine
Available at:  MAC
$14.50 USD

Loves:  Everything!  The shade, texture and wear time are awesome!  I love this color against my complexion.  I love the matte finish and I love that it isn't drying on me.  Totally back-up worthy if I didn't have too many lipsticks already.
Hates:  Nothing!  This lipstick is freaking awesome.

Well that's all for my MAC haulage today.  Check out the rest of my haul including Butter London and Soap & Glory on youtube!

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  1. Your makeup is flawless!

  2. Such a pretty picture! And I agree with you, Heroine is freaking awesome! def considering getting a backup!

  3. @MissAshDG Yes! I wish I had gotten a backup too. :-(

  4. gorgeous as always- you are SO pretty! the lip color looks great on you xx

  5. return that blush...go for NARS Liberte. I "heard" it's everything MM was supposed to be. check out specktra for swatches...oh and you look fab with layered hair and matte lippie. the new matte formulas are awesome :)

  6. @Califabulous I heard that Nars blush is amazing! I'm so getting it. I saw swatches on one of the blogs I follow and it looks gorg! Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Love the bold lip! And your eyebrows are fab.u.lous!

  8. Beautiful! Your so pretty, and that lip color is awesome.

  9. u r beautiful as always hun,love e lippy on u!

  10. Wld u say its diff from mac's rebel. looks like d same.

  11. I think they are very different!



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