Instagram: January Photo a Day

Jan 1, 2013

I've decided to do the January Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram.  The challenge was created by beautythesis and I like the idea so I'm starting off the New Year with a new challenge.

Day 1 - Beauty Resolutions

Take Better Care of My Skin
I definitely want to take better care of my skin.  It is really dry and I don't really address my problem issues and try to correct them so this year I'm going to stick to a skincare regimen.

Drink More Water
This goes hand in hand with my dry skin issue.  Hydrating the inside will hopefully reflect on the outside.

Use More of My Collection
I started doing this in 2012 but I really want to continue using products that I already own instead of rushing out to buy more products!

Consolidate My Professional Kit
Since I decided to take my free-lancing business seriously, I've been upgrading items and adding to my kit.  The problem is I haven't purged anything so it just keeps on growing.  I need consolidation badly!

Improve My Blog/Website and Start My Portfolio
This is a daunting task as I have two children and my son is in so many activities and goes to school so sometimes between that, and taking care of my household and husband, I feel like I let my blog and my passion for makeup take a back seat.  So now I've decided that after the kids go to sleep, I will focus on improving my blog instead of watching reality tv!  I will also like to try to start my free-lance portfolio as soon as possible because I don't have examples of my work in order to book more clients.  The majority of my clients come from word of mouth or people just walking up to me after I've beat my face!  

Try Different Looks and Techniques
I just want to grow and improve and while I think I'm pretty good, I always see room to grow.  I want to focus on trying new ideas and getting better at all I do!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Let me know if you have any Beauty Resolutions!

Thanks for stopping by!

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