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Feb 20, 2012

I finally received my shipment of MAC products a couple of days ago.  I hauled the Call Me Bubbles Quad and Optimistic Orange Cream Blush.  I loved the bright spring/summer shades in the Call Me Bubbles Quad.  I picked Optimistic Orange Cream Blush because I love how orange blush looks on my skintone and I wanted to give cream products another try since I usually stay away from them.

Shade:  Call Me Bubbles featuring Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Full of Flavour, Brash
Available at MAC
$38.00 USD
Loves:  I absolutely love the colors Fresh Daily and Brash.  Call Me Bubbles was a little light on my skintone but I made it work.  Full of Flavour was just okay, nothing special in my opinion.
Hates: Nothing.  I can work with all four colors although I prefer some over others.  I think that the Quad was one of MAC's better ones.

Shade:  Optimistic Orange
Available at MAC
$20.00 USD
Loves:  The color of course.  I also love how it settles on the skin and looks really nice.  The best part about it is the way it makes my skin look once it is blended in.  Love it!
Hates:  Nothing.

That's all I hauled but I wanted a couple of the lipsticks.  Unfortunately, they sold out too quickly.  Did you get anything from the collection?  Were you lucky enough to get your hands on the lipsticks?  I really wanted Quick Sizzle!

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