bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 featuring The Elements

Feb 18, 2012

Time for the second bareMinerals palette!  This one is a little more my speed.  My favorite shade is the one in the top right corner.  It is a great lid and transition color.  I can also see myself wearing it alone with winged liner for a no fuss look.

I used to think the little brushes that came with these palette were useless but today I cleaned up my shadow and mascara mistakes with it and it worked.  

I also forgot to include a picture of the large mirror.  The mirror is definitely a plus as it makes touch ups on the go easy. 

Shade:  The Elements featuring Air, Fire, Earth, Water
Available at Sephora
$30.00 USD
Loves:  The staying power is great on these shadows.  They swatch easily.  Great pigmentation!
Hates:  Nothing*

*These all swatched really easily except for Earth but when I used a brush, I had no problems.  Air was my least favorite shade initially because it didn't feel like it had chunky glitter but it definitely look like it did when I applied it to my eyes.  However, after wearing it for a little bit and taking some pictures, I began to appreciate the look of Air and the glitter eye didn't bother me anymore.

I didn't think that I would like these color as much as I did but they worked well together and I can definitely see myself using this palette a lot.

The next quad I will try is called the Truth.  Until then, stay pretty!

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