Real Techniques Core Collection

Apr 26, 2012

It's so funny that I never really write about the brushes that I use to apply my makeup.  Well that is going to change.  I was really happy with the MAC brushes that I was using but when I heard that my favorite youtube beauty "gurus" had a brush line, well I had to try it out.  I was super excited when I found out that Ulta carried the brand and they were super affordable.  This is actually my second time purchasing this set!  I love these brushes so much I bought a backup set.  My favorite two brushes from this set are the buffing brush and the contour brush.  I use those two every time I apply my makeup.

Real Techniques Core Collection
Includes:  Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush
$17.99 USD
Available at Ulta

I use this Buffing Brush for applying my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.  I spritz it with a little of MAC's Fix + or water and then I dip it into my MSF and it gives a truly beautiful finish to the skin.  I get the most compliments on my skin when I do this method.

I use this Contour Brush when applying my bronzer on my temples, around my face and for contouring.  It does a great job at truly giving me a defined contour but it also blends it out like a dream.  After I contour, I take my Buffing Brush and blend my makeup a little more.

I have never used this Pointed Foundation Brush to apply my foundation with as it is just too small for my liking and I prefer to use a stippling brush for foundation.  I have used this brush to apply my concealer and it has worked really well for me.  I don't reach for this brush as often as I do the others as I use my fingers to apply my concealer most days.

The Detailer Brush is truly a tiny little brush and I use this only to define my eyebrows with concealer.  It works well for that but I haven't really tried it for anything else.  

Have you tried theses brushes?  What are your favorite brushes?


  1. I love these brushes i have all of them tbh haha <3 great post! :D

  2. I have been hearing so much about these brushes. I have been thinking about getting some, but really But I can't justify spending more money on brushes I don't need.

  3. looks like i'll be going to utla after work today *sigh*

  4. At least they are on sale right now!!! You need them!

  5. I jus ordered them! theyre BOGO1/2 right now! :D

  6. I've been seeing reviews on these brushes everywhere, but you've sold me on them. I'll stop by Ulta first thing tomorrow morning ! <3



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