So I dyed my hair black!

Dec 23, 2012

Sorry I took this picture with my iphone so it looks a little crazy!!!!

Joking!  I really did dye my hair though and I just wanted to do a quick post about it.  My hair has been a major struggle lately and it just seems dull and lifeless whenever I do it myself (it's always perfect after I come from the salon)!  My hair stylist suggested that I dye it to give it a little something extra and whatever she says, I do.  So basically I dyed it black and I love it.  Now if I can just get my daughter to stop pulling my hair out, we would be set!  She just loves running her hands through it and tugging it.  It's cute and all until I go bald!  

Oh and I did a tutorial on this eye look so check it out below if you are interested!



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