Straight Hair and MAC's Heroine Lipstick!

Apr 19, 2012

Front of Hair & Rocking MAC Heroine Lipstick

I went to the salon again yesterday and I was so excited to get my hair straightened.  I'm trying to keep up on my trims too so I'm striving to be at the salon at least every six weeks.  My hair came out great once again thanks to my fabulous hair stylist but it literally rained on my parade and my hair went womp womp when I got caught in it.  Sorry, I didn't get a picture of it when it was first done but I managed to get a few after the rain.  I decided to share some pictures anyway so that I can kind of document my hair growth process and share it with you all. 

Back of Hair

Right Side of Hair

Left Side of Hair and a cameo from Emily
Also, I'm going to try out a new flat iron to see if I can keep it straight a little longer than usual.

I purchased the ghd classic styler flat iron and I'm going to get a heat protectant too.  Hopefully I won't end up damaging my hair!


  1. Love your hair! That lipstick is HOT! Love the pic with your cupcake! Too cute!

  2. your baby is beautiful! i have a ghd too, it works so well and really isn't damaging- i have dry, curly hair and it gets the kinks out great! hope you like it xx

  3. Thanks Jordan! I hope it works out too.

  4. You look awesome.
    aww your baby is so little <3



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