Hair Woes

Mar 28, 2012

Not really sure what this Natural Hair Movement is all about but my hair is natural which I interpret as being chemical and color free (no creamy crack aka relaxer).  Now this isn't something new for me as I rarely ever got relaxers to begin with but I treated my natural hair like crap.  I had the weaves which I always kept in just a little too long, or the braids that would tear out my weak hair from the root.  Oh and I was the flat iron queen, just burning and burning away.  Finally I snapped out of it and started to really take care of my hair.  I started braiding it up, conditioning it, washing it more often and being really gentle with it.  My hair reacted well to this new treatment and I started seeing the growth.  Here is where my next problem began, once I saw the growth, I was scared to go to get my ends trimmed.  I was afraid of those snip happy stylist that just cut and cut until you feel like you're back at square one.  I quickly realized that I needed a trim badly after I took some family pictures and saw how puffy my hair got because of all the split ends.  It was horrid.  I mean to the point where I emailed the photographer and asked that she remove certain pictures from her website because of my hair.  How embarrassing, right?  Well I finally took the plunge and found a really reputable salon that focuses on natural hair.  This is the same salon that I have been looking into for months but they were always booked solid.  Well one day I logged into their website and they had an opening!  I clicked the button and my appointment was scheduled.  The experience that I had at this salon was the best experience that I have ever had at any salon.

My appointment actually started on time!  I was shampooed, conditioned, steamed and rinsed.  I wasn't left under the steamer for forever either.  I have been at salons before that have left me under the dryer for what seemed like hours while they serviced other clients but not at this salon!  The main stylists assistant blow dried my hair and it was the best blow dry I have ever had as my hair has never been that straight without a flat iron or pressing comb.  Then I got my hair evaluated by the main stylist and after her telling me that my ends were atrocious, she began to flat iron my hair and let me tell you this, I don't know what kind of magic she used but my hair looked and felt like air.  When she started to cut it, I was a little nervous, but because she had gotten it so straight, I couldn't tell a difference in the overall length.  My hair ended up looking great and it stayed great.  When I finally decided to braid it up, it still felt great and my braid-out was amazing.

I truly believe that great hair can definitely change your whole look and make you feel great.  I have vowed to keep up with getting my ends trimmed and keep up my healthy hair regime.

So ladies, have you suffered any hair woes or had any hair revelations?  Let me know, I would love to hear about them.


  1. I waited ages to get my ends cut (not trimmed-I was well beyond a trim). When i finally did it the stylist cut my hair in long layers so it didn't really appear that I had that much hair cut. Also, my hair looked and felt so healthy! my ends looked full and soft after a braid out. your hair looks fab :)

  2. Thanks! I think finding a great stylist is the key because getting that first cut/trim is extremely scary when you have been trying to grow out your hair. :-)



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