Organizing my Makeup Step 1

May 30, 2010

Hi Loves,

I've been on this organization journey for quite a while and every time I think that I have everything the way I want it, I buy more makeup and then I get into the re-organization mode.  I have decided now to start with my everyday makeup, brushes and my eye shadows.  Let's start with the Everyday Makeup.  So, I bought this container from Office Depot.  It was seriously on sale for like $3 when my husband and I went into the store one random day and it was the last one left.  It is online now for $29.99.  It has six drawers and I have filled all six to capacity, it also has this top part that is sectioned off and perfect for me to put my go-to items.   I also labeled the container with stickers that I found at Walmart
The next item that I bought was originally for my wedding and was collecting dust before I had the brilliant idea of utilizing it for my makeup brushes.  I found the Vase at Michael's and filled it with marbles that I also found there.

The best find so far is the storage containers that I found for my BE and MAC eyeshadows.  I don't have any other brand eyeshadows that aren't in palettes but I will buy some and see if they fit!  Perfect excuse to go to Sephora.  Anyhoo, I found the containers at Joann's and after placing the little containers that come inside of it to the side, it fits 24 eyeshadows perfectly and because it is completely see through I can see exactly what I am looking for!  So now, I've spent the last few hours trying to organize my shadows by color....ugggh.  Check out some of my green's!  Oh and fyi they are on sale now for $5.99, regular price is $9.99.

I will post an update when my re-organization is complete.   I have decided to re-organize my hair products as well because apparently I haven't driven myself completely crazy yet.

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