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May 26, 2010

Hi Loves,

I'm back.  Today was sucky.  I woke up feeling like crap and now my throat is so sore and bleh bleh bleh.  So anywho, no little sickness can keep me from mi bloggie.  Oh but before I get started I would just like to give an epic fail badge to my UPS driver who decided to bring my QVC haul to the door 5 minutes AFTER my husband arrived home from work....bleh.  Good thing my husband doesn't get too mad at me for my makeup splurges.  Okay so back to the subject.  I LOVE the Orgasm Nail Polish.  It is perfect for the spring/summer season and really anytime you want a nice, clean and fun looking manicure.  It is a really pretty peach/pink with gold flecks in it and I just adore it.  The other nice thing is that 1 coat dried in less than 3 minutes for me so that was a plus because with a two year old running around, I don't have time to stand around waiting for polish to dry.

 Okay so now to the blush.  I want to love it but I just like it.  It has a lot of shimmer and my husband complimented me by saying I like the glitter you put on  your face today....ummmm not so sure that is a good thing.  So besides that the color is nice but doesn't show up to much on my skin tone in pictures but in person it is pretty.

I totally would not purchase this color again but I am glad I have it in my collection just in case I get into a shimmer mood.  So over all.  I can't completely recommend this collection but if you have an extra $30 lying around and want something fun...get it!  Otherwise save your money and get something that you will LOVE.

Final Verdict:  ME LIKEY NOT LOVEY
Nars Temptation Gift Set available at

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