Sephora Haul Products! Review 4 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Little Red Dress

May 30, 2010

Hi Loves,

I've always been a neutral lip kinda girl but I always wanted to break out the Red lips just because it always looks so chic.  I have not yet had an occasion to try a matte red lip as it just makes me nervous that I will end up looking like a teenage prostitute trying to be a grown-up!  Yeah...the things that go on in my head.  Okay, so I'm at Sephora swatching my little heart out in search of that red that has the right amount of shine and color....and then tada against my better judgement I tried the Dior Ultra Gloss.  Now I have nothing against Dior but this lipgloss is currently retailing at Sephora for $26.50 and I was afraid that if I tried it and liked it, I would be almost $30 poorer.  I was right!  I tried it on my hand and it was love at first swatch.  OMG (yeah this is an OMG moment) I had a glossgasm.  I threw this in my little Sephora bag and that was that.  The thing I love most about the gloss is that a little goes a long way and I can layer it on for the intensity or I can put on a dab and have a rosy lip look.  I am obsessed with this gloss and have gone from wearing very dramatic eyes to wearing neutrals just so that my gloss can be the focal point.  This gloss is a MUST BUY if you can part with the dinero.   Oh and for my packaging junkies, this is super cute.

FINAL VERDICT:  LOVE IT!  Caution:  Be careful of putting too much on as it may get on your teeth.  Do the finger O exercise to prevent.

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