I'm Back!

Jun 1, 2011

Hey Pretty People!

Missed you guys.  Sorry I went away for awhile but I'm back and ready to blog some beauty.  If you are interested in why I left, click here, and read my long story about how some folks pissed me off!  But if you could care less and just want to get to the pretty, I have a special giveaway coming up that I think you will like...maybe even love.  How does some Nars sound...or some Lancome....or some MAC or maybe..... well we shall see.  Look out for the giveaway to start on June 6th and I will try to have more than one winner and this time I will actually post the winners name!  Oh I'm getting better at this blogging thing already.  So anywhoo, thanks for subscribing and get ready for some makeup fun.

Love ya MUCHO!


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