Depotting MAC Eye Shadows

Jul 14, 2011

So, I've been trying to get organized and regroup my makeup stash.  I've never depotted anything before because honestly I'm usually too lazy.  But depotting saves a whole lotta space and makeup obsessed people like me, need their space.

I was quite bored the other day, the son was napping and the hubs was working so I decided to start my depotting experience.  Now, I'm going to show you my second one because the first one I set a little on fire, but it still came out okay.

This is how I depotted my 2 MAC eye shadows.  (I have a lot more to go)
*Click on images to enlarge them*

Start with your eyeshadow (DUH!)
Pry off the top insert
This is what it should look like
Get lighter and hold it a few inches from the bottom of the insert.  Of course ignite the flame. Hold until you see underside melting
This is what the bottom looks like
Use a tool to prick through the bottom to loosen the pan.  Remove the pan insert completely
Glue at the bottom of the pan can be removed if you like
Tools used

Now the one thing I forgot to buy are magnets in order to set these in my palette.
Well that's all folks!  Let me know if there is a different or more efficient way to depot.  And let me know how to B2M these things!

Bye for now

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