My Camera is not working! :-( So what about those movies!

Nov 2, 2010

Sex and the City 2Hey!  I didn't forget about you but my silly camera won't connect to my computer and since the hubs is working, I have no choice but to wait.  So now you get one of my random much ado about nothing posts.  I finally saw Sex and the City 2 on demand the other night and I was so freaking disappointed, I could hardly stand it.  I kept waiting for that "ok now it's getting good" moment and that never okay I guess.  They had so many great story lines that they could have developed and somehow I ended up on a haphazard confused.  I would have rather they stayed in New York and worked out the story lines.  Let me see how stressed out Charlotte was getting at motherhood, let me see Samantha trying to stay young, let me see Miranda dealing with a crazy boss and feeling guilty about missing Brady and finally let me see Big and Carrie developing into marriage.  Please tell me what happened to the storyline that kept me glued to the tv for years?

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