Product Spotlight: Nars Exhibit A Blush

Oct 9, 2011

When did I fall in love with blush?  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I started working for a makeup company and I was an eyeshadow and lipgloss kind of girl.  One of my co-workers always wore amazing looking blush and I made a comment stating that none of the blushes we sold would work for me.  Of course she made it her job to prove me wrong and she definitely succeeded.  I fell in love with a hot pink blush!  Now as my love for blush has increased, I had to check out one of the brown girl blush staples, Nars Exhibit A blush.  This blush is described as brilliant red and it surely lives up to that description.  I love Nars blushes because they are highly pigmented and they blend like a dream. 

I am glad that I have this blush in my collection and will break it out more often now that winter is approaching.

1 comment:

  1. That is beautiful! I might pick up a NARS blush. I keep hearing just great feedback on their quality.



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