Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III Haul!

Sep 29, 2010

So I've been kinda neglecting Sephora lately because MAC has decided to release a collection every five seconds or so and I've gotten sucked into the madness of it all.  However, no matter how long I stay away, I always seem to come back to my true love, Sephora.  This time I came back for my first ever Book of Shadows!  I was never really into Urban Decay before so I had never purchased any of the BOS collections.  I'm glad I finally "got with the program" because I'm uber excited!

Keep Reading for more pictures, information and swatches of course!

The Collection features 16 eye shadows, 2 mini eyeliners and the ever popular Primer Potion which is an eye shadow primer.

The eyeshadows are as follows:
Perverion:  Matte Black
Uxi:  Metallic White w/ Chunky Silver Glitter
Loaded: Sparkly Emerald Green
Kush:  Green Metallic w/ Silver Glitter

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again:  Beige w/ Silver Glitter
Last Call:  Iridescent Plumy-Purple
Rockstar:  Deep Red-Purple w/ Metallic Base
Money:  Metallic Light Green

Haight:  Deep Teal
Maui Wowie:  Sandy Colored Sheen
Smog:  Deep Coppery Bronze
Bordello:  Pale Pink-Purple

Radium:  Bright Blue
Snatch:  Pale Peach w/ Golden Sparkle
Suspect:  Sheer Sparkly Beige
Psychedelic Sister:  Vibrant Purple

Wooo, that is a lot of eye shadow!

The mini eyeliners are as follows:
Ransom:  Bright Purple
Zero:  Black

With the New York pop up and the pops of colors, I say it was $54 well spent.  I can't wait to test out some looks with this one.  Have you hauled any of the BOS collections?  Do tell!

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