Makeup Organization and Storage - Part 1

Dec 12, 2011

Organizing the Stash!  Lately I have been on an all out organizing spree in my house.  One area that always stresses me out is my makeup area because I feel like I can never see everything in order to use it.  Well that should change now.  The picture above is of my desk that my husband purchased for me from Ikea.  I love this desk.

This is the top part of the desk.  It includes some of my jewelry, sunglasses.  I also have perfume, nail polish, foundation, and miscellaneous makeup items that I reach for often.

I have two Sterilite Drawer Towers stacked on top of each other on my desk.

Tower 1

Drawer 1: Contains my every day products like concealer, lip conditioners, liner and brow products in the top first drawer.

Drawer 2: Contains some cream eye shadows and bases.
Drawer 3: The third drawer contains eyelashes.

Tower 2
Drawer 1: Primers, Shadow Sticks
Drawer 2: Eyeliners
Drawer 3: Mascara

In the front drawer of my desk I keep my MAC Palettes, Bronzers,  Face Powders, Blushes and Highlighters.

The side drawer of my desk contains some small eye shadow palettes, pigments and large eye shadows that don't fit in my palettes.

In the cabinet under the side drawer is where I keep my glosses and backups.

So that's all the stuff in/on my desk. Let me know if you have any questions.

Next up is the rest of my set-up.  Stay Tuned!!

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  1. Where had u gone hun? Miss ur posts!!!

    Love the set up,really really nice xxx



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