Nars Misfit Eye Shadow Duo

Aug 25, 2011

Love this!  Hey you'll.  Another day, another Nars haul.  I picked this bad boy up a couple weeks ago and forgot all about it which makes me a true makeup hoarder!  Recently I have been a little Nars obsessed and I don't think that obsession is going to end any time soon.  I hauled the Nars Misfit eye shadow duo because I love green eye shadow and I'm a little bit obsessed with finding the perfect light lid color and since this duo had a light beige color and a green color, I jumped on it.

Nars Eye Shadow Duo
Purchased Shade:  Misfit (ecru shimmer/ emerald shimmer)
Available at select retailers including Sephora & Nars $33 USD
Loves:  Everything! In some pictures more of the blue tones in the eye shadow creep through and I love that about it.
Hates: The beige side of the duo is easier to work with than the blue/green side but neither is difficult.  Again, Nars wins in my book!

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